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Donald Trump’s Gigantic Tent

Trump Isn’t Just Attracting Uneducated Pissed Off White Guys


Donald Trump has been long long believed to be the champion of your uneducated white guy. GOP polls are beginning to show him as a threat, as he is currently the Republican poll leader. Now, to be honest, he certainly does seem to hold sway over your typical blue collar male conservative. However, he has been recently shown movement in pro-choice white collar Republicans and independents. He is even starting to make progress with Democrats that are getting tired of illegal immigration.

Those that haven’t been ardent Trump followers are beginning to see that his appeal is proliferating, and his influence and popularity is no longer reserved to those anti-establishment bible reading types. Maybe it is his ability to say exactly what’s on his mind, without having to conduct polls before making a statement. For some, it is refreshing to see a candidate that doesn’t seem to obsess about polls, or what people think of him. You won’t find Trump with a wet finger in the air, as he doesn’t care which way the wind is blowing; he is his own man with his own ideas about how this country should be run, popular opinion be damned.

And although Trump doesn’t have as much support from educated guys and gals, he is still near the precipice as compared to all of the other candidates in the GOP field. When you take a second to really be honest with yourself, after reading all of the polling data, it is hard to deny that this man could have a chance to fill the big seat in Washington DC come November.

Donald Trump

Florida Will Heat Up As We Near November


Trump and fellow candidates haven’t been beating up the sidewalks in Florida just yet, however the closer we get to November, the more we’ll start seeing candidates visit this swing state. Along with the candidates,¬†event companies are sure to see an increase in business.

We spoke with a local company, Find Me A Tent, who offers Orlando tent rentals and Miami tent rentals. “Campaign season comes along once every four years, and always provides us a ton of business” commented the owner of Find Me A Tent, which offers tent rentals to events nationwide. Apparently the whole event industry sees a huge boon during campaign season, which makes sense as these campaigns spend millions of dollars traveling around the US and getting their message out there.

Don’t Count Him Out Yet, Folks


Over the past year you’ve seen a lot of people say it couldn’t be done. But the more time goes by, the more it seems that Mr. Trump just might have a chance. I wouldn’t bet all my money on it, but it’s safe to say he isn’t going anywhere for the time being, and will very likely cause a stir come November.