Boycott Bush



Many young people are attracted into this field as a way of participating in national building. It is an avenue where your opinions are taken seriously and mostly considered in directing governance. The main challenge for any young person is how to get into politics in the first place. past leaders have been shown to have carved their way into politics through early community participation. It shows clearly that if you start from the small community that you come from you can eventually get into the main political mainstream.

The first step therefore is to recognize your potential. If you are able to to speak to your peers eloquently and convincingly, then you can be a leader. At this point, it is good to seek a leadership position within the group that you are involved in. As time goes by, people will start associating you with leadership. They will start asking for your opinions in crucial matters affecting them. The next step is mobilizing people outside your group. When the larger community start recognizing you and associating you with certain activities, be they community cleanup or capacity building among various groups, they will start agitating for your representation.

At this point it is neccessay to start associating with local leaders and involving them in your community activities. Let it be known that you are the best contact for any leader needing to mobilize your community. These leaders need to be mostly political leaders. Sometimes you will need to challenge these leaders in their words and in their deeds. When you start becoming controversial you may be asked by your community for representation. Wheress for many people this becomes an opportunity to grab, its my take that you resist these temptations at this juncture.

Look at the most popular political leader in your community and start supporting him in his works. Start confiding in him you desire to get into elective politics. Since politicians have rivarly, they will always point you to a particular post that may be held by his rival. It is here that you let your intentions known to the wider community. With a senior politician supporting you and having carved your own identity, you will have dived right into the political mainstream. Although you may fail in your first attempt, it is my advice that you try the second time which in most cases results in success.