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Social responsibility is about people and organizations behaving ethically and being sensitive towards cultural, social, environmental and economic issues. It refers to an ethical framework whereby an entity has a duty to act in consideration to the society in general. It’s a duty to be performed by every individual so as to maintain balance between the ecosystem and the economy. A conflict may exist between economic development and the society’s welfare and the general environment. Social responsibility is about finding an equilibrium between these two It involves not only business organizations, but also any individuals whose activities affect the environment. Social responsibility can either be active; one performs deeds that directly advance social goals or passive; one avoids engaging in socially harmful acts.

Ethical decision making can be used by businesses to secure their businesses through making decisions that minimize the involvement of government agencies with the corporation. For example a company that follows the guidelines of United States Environmental Agency regarding emission of harmful pollutants and also gets involved in addressing the public’s concern would easily avoid investigation from the EPA.

Individual social responsibility can be used to achieve corporate social responsibility. As a matter of fact, individual social responsibility is the foundation to corporate social responsibility. This is because a corporate is made of individuals. It is stated by the International Organization for Standard that with the increase in globalization, we are becoming more conscious of what we buy in relation to the process of production, child labor, environmentally harmful products, dangers in working environment are among the issues being addressed. Most if not all organizations are beginning to realize the need to act in consideration to the norms of what is right and what is wrong.

Student social responsibility is whereby every student has to be responsible for their actions. It suggest that everybody should act in a way that reduces their negative effects to those in their immediate surroundings. Everyone should have a commitment toward the society-contributing to social, ecological and cultural causes.
Corporate social responsibility is the continuous commitment by a business to ethically behave and contribute to the development of the economy while improving the life quality of the workers and their families and also the local community and the general society. it is a management strategy involving the creation of a positive impact from companies on societies during business Social responsibility enables individuals ,organisations and governments to positively impact on the development, business and society .